7 0 7 0 0 7:3 Without father, etc: Not that he had no father, etc., but that neither his father, nor his pedigree, nor his birth, nor his death, are set down in scripture. 7 3 7 0 0 7:23 Many priests, etc: The apostle notes this difference between the high priests of the law, and our high priest Jesus Christ; that they being removed by death, made way for their successors; whereas our Lord Jesus is a priest for ever, and hath no successor; but liveth and concurreth for ever with his ministers, the priests of the new testament, in all their functions. Also, that no one priest of the law, nor all of them together, could offer that absolute sacrifice of everlasting redemption, which our one high priest Jesus Christ has offered once, and for ever. 7 23 7 0 0 7:25 Make intercession: Christ, as man, continually maketh intercession for us, by representing his passion to his Father. 7 25 7 0 0 Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 THE HOLY BIBLE Douay-Rheims: heb 7:0


Notes on The Epistle of St. Paul to the Hebrews (Author Bishop Richard Challoner (ed.))

¤ Chapter 7: The priesthood of Christ according to the order of Melchisedech excels the Levitical priesthood and puts an end both to that and to the law.

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