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My Blood Is Still Powerful - July 12, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My Spirit is upon you. My Spirit is upon this earth. I haven't left. You may be seeing evil. You may be seeing violence. But I'm there. There is not a place that I am not there and able to do what needs to be done and I will do it.

I did not shed My blood on the cross and then have it be taken away. It is still powerful. My power is still there. I can still heal bodies. I can deliver from the deepest of sin, from the deepest of any kind of problem that comes up. I am able to deliver. I am able to pay your bills. I am able to give you jobs. I am able to be everything that you need because you are My child. You are My precious children and I will do.

Just look to Me. Don't look to the darkness. Don't look to what Satan thinks he's doing. Look to what I can do because I'm still in charge.