A Testimony of Praise - October 30, 2011

Faith Assembly of God - morning service - testimony from church member

There was like four things that the Lord really impressed during those tongues and interpretation and that was
  • God wants to care for
  • He wants to heal
  • He wants to minister, and
  • He wants to work through us

And, and you specifically felt the Lord just really ministering to you. Can you just tell us a little about what you felt the Lord saying?

Well the two things that I felt at least for me personally was at times we get out of - I don't know - out of focus or whatever in our lives and I don't really know where God has me right now in like a ministry position. I've been in ministry a lot in my life and right now I feel like I don't know where I belong. But with that tongues and interpretation, I knew that God had a plan. There was a time for rest as well. And so that ministered to me personally.

But the big thing was healing. And uh - is it OK for a grown man to cry? Because God has really done a healing power in my family. Uh. First off was mom. Just to let you know. They told us it would be six to eight weeks maybe in a rehabilitation hospital. She's home today. So we thank the Lord for that. And she also wanted to let you know that you guys are more than welcome and she's more than happy to have you come over and play games with her, come and visit her, she'd like to see you and she thanks you all for your prayers. And she's at --- my sister's house so I thank the Lord for that.

Uh, in my devotions this week on Friday was the story in the Bible about the lepers that were healed. And only one came back to thank Jesus for His healing. And so many times when we're in desperation or we're in hurt it's real, real easy to reach out to Him. And then, He does His job for us and it's not so easy or we just don't think about giving thanks. And this is what I'm thankful for today. Two weeks ago - you guys who haven't gone to the church forever maybe don't know what happened but this little girl was born without a diaphragm and uh when the surgeons got in there, there was even less tissue to sew onto than they had thought and so they built her a diaphragm out of Gore-Tex ®, and I think it is amazing what medicine does but it is also amazing the God we serve.

And so, with that being said, two weeks ago, she had her checkup with the surgeon and the surgeon said I don't need to see her again. And it's truly amazing. And ---- and ----, you have that promise to cling to today as well. I know you're going through the same thing. And uh, I just um I just felt impressed that I should share that because in interpretation I felt like somebody... it's easy for us to reach out and grab those scriptures for others, but it's not as easy for us and I just want you to know that God means that for you as well. A healing, a ministry, touching your life, whatever it is - God is there for you. Just accept it and grasp onto that.

And the other thing was, was as we were getting ready to bring her home last year - a year ago at this time we were going down almost every weekend to visit her in the hospital and we were gonna have some pictures for you guys to see what God has done in her life in a year's time. Not only the diaphragm, but then she had a bowel obstruction and really the doctor's said that that almost did her in. And God has brought her through. And I believe that God has touched her life for a reason. It's for a real miracle here church. We got a true miracle that we can grasp onto. And I thank the Lord for the God we serve. And I thank you, my church family, for being there all the time. I love you guys and I thank you guys because if it wasn't for you we couldn't get through some of these things but God is victorious and He's leading us on.

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