Be My Masterpiece - February 25, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I am making a masterpiece out of you. I am making something that will shine in the community. I am making beauty for ashes. And I want you to see that each of you has a place in this portrait - in this work that I am doing. You are not going to be put aside. You are all important - every color - every blend will come together to make a beautiful, beautiful place in this city and to this city. I want you to yield to the plan and the pattern that I have created. It is the best one. And I want you to just yield and know that you are important. There is not one thread, there is not one color that is not important. I will bring together a beautiful masterpiece. I just ask you to be in unity, love one another, and just see where you will blend because you will be beautiful in this community. I need you. I need you to look wonderful. I need you to be clear and concise, with beauty and with glory that will draw people to you so that you can mentor them. We need to have souls saved. I want you to be that picture that I have prepared for you to be.