Grow Strong by Interceding - June 21, 2020

I called you all as my army. You are my workers. I give you gifts. Some have one gift... some have another.... But as you come together it creates a whole.

I need all of you to pray. This is why you're going to make everything work. For what you've been called for, for what I've shown you, you need to be on your knees and in your seat. I need someone to stand in the gap. I need someone to fill up the spot. I want you to be on your knees. I will watch your back. I will take care of you because I am your rearguard and I am your shield before you.

So stay on your knees. Stay there and listen to me and intercede for the needs around you... for the world. You're doing spiritual warfare. You're coming against principalities and powers and evil things, but you are my prayers, you are my interceder and I want you to continue to do that.

Realize how important it is. It's not optional. This is something that every one of you need to do because this is how you're going to grow strong and I will fill you and I will bless you and you will see my glory on your knees.