Milestones - June 28, 2020

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I am your creator and I created everything from nothing. I do my best work in the desert. I do my strongest power shows in the nighttime when it's dark because I have control of everything.

I want you to be encouraged today by this milestone that I have given you. For your faithfulness, for your tears in the night, for your worries - I am victorious and this is the day I have given you to bring victory to you to show you that I will still heal, I will still pull back from the brink when all looks lost. I am in control. I will still do what this church has for it and the plans that are made for it. I will do in your life what needs to be done.

I will heal. I will save. I will answer prayer. My power has not changed. I am still on the throne.