Am I Not Your Healer? - August 22, 2021

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

Am I not your healer? I created you and I can fix you. I can fix everything that you're dealing with - your hurts, your illnesses physically, your broken hearts. I will heal those things. Give them to Me and watch Me work. I will heal you from some of the work that I've done on you that maybe was painful. You will recover from the wounds and you will grow better because of what I've done. So look to Me as your healer. In all instances, I will be there.

I gave My life for your sins and I gave My blood also for healing and when I came from the tomb I came with scars. You may have some scars from things that you've gone through but they won't be gaping wounds anymore; they'll be healed. And they will be a testimony to how I brought you through. They will be a testimony to what I have done in your life and you can tell others about My power that has happened in you and through you. Watch and see what I will do.