Fill the Empty Pages - May 29, 2022

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

You are My children, and I have a journal, a family journal with your name in it. You have a line and your name is written in My blood. Your name is written in My book. My book sits before Me. I haven't lost it or misplaced it. I know you. I know your name and I follow after you.

I admonish you that there are empty pages in My book with lines on them. I want you to help Me fill those lines with more family and let them grow and let My spirit flow through your heart that we might be a mighty family - that we might be reunited. Some day I will call your name. I will call your name and we will be reunited.

You choose the right path to walk with the Lord. If you choose the wrong path you are not going to end up anywhere except for sickness, hell, and death. If you go to the right path that God is at right now, you'll be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for all you have done to help us choose between the bad and the right path. To the open doors, go through the right path. God is there. He will stay and He will magnify your name. Don't choose the wrong path because it will not end up as you want it to be.