The Life Story that Continues On - August 21, 2022

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

God, I know that you are a life story that continues on.

God, you are a creator and you start in the first chapter of the whole book. Creator starts with everything that He has given us. All throughout the Bible - the book - shows us the obstacles and challenges that we have to go through in Christ alone. And the end of the book - it never has an end. It continues in life to give us hope and helps in life and it continues on.

No one should break that away because the story continues on in life. No one will forget that. God, you are holy. You are kind. You are adoring person that you are in the book. It starts with you in the beginning and it comes to a middle that helps you through the challenges that He helps you face. The ending doesn't have an end. It continues on with faith.