The Holy Fire - July 19, 2009

Faith Assembly of God, morning service:

I'd like to tell you about a dream I had. I walked into a church one night in the dream. And I was going into the kitchen area which is kind of weird. While I was in there I met Jessica and she asked me the question, "Are you following me?" And I said, "No, I just came across you here."

The thing was, it was kind of like she was working at a Bunsen burner if you know what science is. I thought OK. Then I walked back out. Then all of a sudden something happened to where the church caught on fire.

And I woke up and sat up and said, "Well that was an interesting dream." So I shared this with her a while back to let her know this. Well it wasn't until about three or four months later where God gave me the dream again and the interpretation of the dream. And the interpretation is that when I went in and saw Jessica she was the catalyst and the Bunsen burner was a fire. God put her to starting a fire here. And it was interesting because as the church caught fire it was going to be one of two things...

It was going to be a holy fire that was going to burn and grow brightly for God or it was going to be a fire that was going to burn out. And I thought it was interesting because Dan put it this way at Men's Prayer Breakfast: Pastor Craig is coming in and God is bringing in the people needed for the holy fire. He said that if we are not any different a year and a half from now then it is our fault. That is why I said the holy fire is determined by the congregation. Either the congregation does something or the church is going to burn out. That is the dream God has given to me to interpret and to let you know as well.