Notes on 2 Peter (Author J. N. Darby)

1:20 interpretation: That is, 'it is not explained by its own meaning,' as a human statement. It must be understood by and according to the Spirit that uttered it. The 'prophecy' is, I take it, the sense of the prophecy, the thing meant by it. Now this is not gathered by a human interpretation of an isolated passage which has its own meaning and its own solution, as if a man uttered it; for it is a part of God's mind, uttered as holy men were moved by the Holy Spirit to utter it. In the 'prophecy of scripture' the apostle has in mind the thing prophesied, without losing the idea of the passage. Hence I have ventured to say 'the scope of no prophecy.' One might almost say 'no prophecy explains itself.'

Original from The Bible Foundation - They claim public domain status for their original text.