25 0 25 29 29 25:2 Firstfruits: Offerings of some of the best and choicest of their goods. 25 2 25 29 29 25:5 Setim wood: The wood of a tree that grows in the wilderness, which is said to be incorruptible. 25 5 25 29 29 25:7 The ephod and the rational: The ephod was the high priest's upper vestment; and the rational his breastplate, in which were twelve gems, etc. 25 7 25 29 29 25:17 A propitiatory: a covering for the ark: called a propitiatory, or mercy seat, because the Lord, who was supposed to sit there upon the wings of the cherubims, with the ark for his footstool, from thence shewed mercy. It is also called the oracle, ver. 18 and 20; because from thence God gave his orders and his answers. 25 17 25 29 29 25:23 A table: On which were to be placed the twelve loaves of proposition: or, as they are called in the Hebrew, the face bread, because they were always to stand before the face of the Lord in his temple: as a figure of the eucharistic sacrifice and sacrament, in the church of Christ. 25 23 25 29 29 25:29 Libations: That is, drink offerings. 25 29 25 29 29 25:31 A candlestick: This candlestick, with its seven lamps, which was always to give light in the house of God, was a figure of the light of the Holy Ghost, and his sevenfold grace, in the sanctuary of the church of Christ. 25 31 25 29 29 Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 THE HOLY BIBLE Douay-Rheims: ex 25:29


Notes on Book of Exodus (Author Bishop Richard Challoner (ed.))

25:29 Libations: That is, drink offerings.

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