3 1 3 7 7 3:2 Thy hearing, etc: That is, thy oracles, the great and wonderful things thou hast revealed to me; and I was struck with a reverential fear and awe.--Ibid. Thy work. . .The great work of the redemption of man, which thou wilt bring to life and light in the midst of the years, when our calamities and miseries shall be at their height. 3 2 3 7 7 3:3 God will come from the south, etc: God himself will come to give us his law, and to conduct us into the true land of promise: as heretofore he came from the South (in the Hebrew Theman) and from mount Pharan to give his law to his people in the desert. See Deut. 33.2. 3 3 3 7 7 3:4 Horns, etc: That is, strength and power, which, by a Hebrew phrase, are called horns. Or beams of light, which come forth from his hands. Or it may allude to the cross, in the horns of which the hands of Christ were fastened, where his strength was hidden, by which he overcame the world, and drove out death and the devil. 3 4 3 7 7 3:5 Death shall go before his face, etc: Both death and the devil shall be the executioners of his justice against his enemies: as they were heretofore against the Egyptians and Chanaanites. 3 5 3 7 7 3:6 He beheld, etc: One look of his eye is enough to melt all the nations, and to reduce them to nothing. For all heaven and earth disappear when they come before his light. Apoc. 20.11. Ibid. The ancient mountains, etc. . .By the mountains and hills are signified the great ones of the world, that persecute the church, whose power was quickly crushed by the Almighty. 3 6 3 7 7 3:7 Ethiopia: the land of the Blacks, and Madian, are here taken for the enemies of God and his people: who shall perish for their iniquity. 3 7 3 7 7 3:8 With the rivers, etc: He alludes to the wonders wrought heretofore by the Lord in favour of his people Israel, when the waters of the rivers, viz., of Arnon and Jordan, and of the Red Sea, retired before their face: when he came as it were with his horses and chariots to save them when he took up his bow for their defence, in consequence of the oath he had made to their tribes: when the mountains trembled, and the deep stood with its waves raised up in a heap, as with hands lifted up to heaven: when the sun and the moon stood still at his command, etc., to comply with his anger, not against the rivers and sea, but against the enemies of his people. How much more will he do in favour of his Son: and against the enemies of his church? 3 8 3 7 7 3:13 The head of the house of the wicked: Such was Pharao heretofore: such shall Antichrist be hereafter. 3 13 3 7 7 3:15 Thou madest a way in the sea, etc: To deliver thy people from the Egyptian bondage: and thou shalt work the like wonders in the spiritual way, to rescue the children of the church from their enemies. 3 15 3 7 7 3:16 I have heard, etc: Viz., the evils that are now coming upon the Israelites for their sins; and that shall come hereafter upon all impenitent sinners; and the foresight that I have of these miseries makes me willing to die, that I may be at rest, before this general tribulation comes, in which all good things shall be withdrawn from the wicked.--Ibid. That I may go up to our people, etc. . .That I may join the happy company in the bosom of Abraham, that are girded, that is, prepared for their journey, by which they shall attend their Lord, when he shall ascend into heaven. To which high and happy place, my Jesus, that is, my Saviour, the great conqueror of death and hell, shall one day conduct me rejoicing and singing psalms of praise, ver. 18 and 19. 3 16 3 7 7 Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 THE HOLY BIBLE Douay-Rheims: hab 3:7


Notes on Prophecy of Habacuc (Author Bishop Richard Challoner (ed.))

3:7 Ethiopia: the land of the Blacks, and Madian, are here taken for the enemies of God and his people: who shall perish for their iniquity.

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