32 0 32 0 0 32:3 Because I was silent, etc: That is, whilst I kept silence, by concealing, or refusing to confess my sins, thy hand was heavy upon me, etc. 32 3 32 0 0 32:4 I am turned, etc: That is, I turn and roll about in my bed to seek for ease in my pain whilst the thorn of thy justice pierces my flesh, and sticks fast in me. Or, I am turned: that is, I am converted to thee, my God, by being brought to a better understanding by thy chastisements. In the Hebrew it is, my moisture is turned into the droughts of the summer. 32 4 32 0 0 Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 THE HOLY BIBLE Douay-Rheims: ps 32:0


Notes on Book of Psalms (Author Bishop Richard Challoner (ed.))

¤ Chapter 32: Beati quorum. The second penitential psalm.

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