Notes on Second Maccabees (Author Bishop Richard Challoner (ed.))

14:3 Now one Alcimus, who had been chief priest: This Alcimus was of the stock of Aaron, but for his apostasy here mentioned was incapable of the high priesthood, but king Antiochus Eupator appointed him in place of the high priest, (see above, 1 Mac. chap. 7, ver. 9,) as Menelaus had been before him, set up by Antiochus (above chap. 4.), yet neither of them were truly high priests; for the true high priesthood was amongst the Machabees, who were also of the stock of Aaron, and had strictly held their religion, and were ordained according to the rites commanded in the law of Moses.--Ibid. Mingling. . .with the heathens; that is, in their idolatrous worship.

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