6 0 6 0 0 6:1 Four chariots: The four great empires of the Chaldeans, Persians, Grecians, and Romans. Or perhaps by the fourth chariot are represented the kings of Egypt and of Asia, the descendants of Ptolemeus and Seleucus. 6 1 6 0 0 6:6 The land of the north: So Babylon is called; because it lay to the north in respect of Jerusalem. The black horses, that is, the Medes and Persians: and after them Alexander and his Greeks, signified by the white horses, went thither because they conquered Babylon, executed upon it the judgments of God, which is signified, ver. 8, by the expression of quieting his spirit.--Ibid. The land of the south. . .Egypt, which lay to the south of Jerusalem, and was occupied first by Ptolemeus, and then by the Romans. 6 6 6 0 0 6:13 Between them both: That is, he shall unite in himself the two offices or dignities of king and priest. 6 13 6 0 0 Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 THE HOLY BIBLE Douay-Rheims: zec 6:0


Notes on Prophecy of Zacharias (Author Bishop Richard Challoner (ed.))

¤ Chapter 6: The vision of the four chariots. Crowns are ordered for Jesus the high priest, as a type of Christ.

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