Book of Numbers (Author Moses)

15:1¤ And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

15:2Speak to the children of Israel and thou shalt say to them: When you shall be come into the land of your habitation, which I will give you,

15:3And shall make an offering to the Lord, for a holocaust, or a victim, paying your vows, or voluntarily offering gifts, or in your solemnities burning a sweet savour unto the Lord, of oxen or of sheep:

15:4Whosoever immolateth the victim, shall offer a sacrifice of fine flour, the tenth part of an ephi, tempered with the fourth part of a hin of oil:

15:5And he shall give the same measure of wine to pour out in libations for the holocaust or for the victim. For every lamb,

15:6And for every ram there shall be a sacrifice of flour of two tenths, which shall be tempered with the third part of a hin of oil:

15:7And he shall offer the third part of the same measure of wine for the libation, for a sweet savour to the Lord.

15:8But when thou offerest a holocaust or sacrifice of oxen, to fulfil thy vow or for victims of peace offerings,

15:9Thou shalt give for every ox three tenths of flour tempered with half a hin of oil,

15:10And wine for libations of the same measure, for an offering of most sweet savour to the Lord.

15:11Thus shalt thou do

15:12For every ox and ram and lamb and kid.

15:13Both they that are born in the land, and the strangers

15:14Shall offer sacrifices after the same rite.

15:15There shall be all one law and judgment both for you and for them who are strangers in the land.

15:16And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

15:17Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them:

15:18When you are come into the land which I will give you,

15:19And shall eat of the bread of that country, you shall separate firstfruits to the Lord,

15:20Of the things you eat. As you separate firstfruits of your barnfloors:

15:21So also shall you give firstfruits of your dough to the Lord.

15:22And if through ignorance you omit any of these things, which the Lord hath spoken to Moses,

15:23And by him hath commanded you from the day that he began to command and thenceforward,

15:24And the multitude have forgotten to do it: they shall offer a calf out of the herd, a holocaust for a most sweet savour to the Lord, and the sacrifice and libations thereof, as the ceremonies require, and a buck goat for sin:

15:25And the priest shall pray for all the multitude of the children of Israel: and it shall be forgiven them, because they sinned ignorantly, offering notwithstanding a burnt offering to the Lord for themselves and for their sin and their Ignorance:

15:26And it shall be forgiven all the people of the children of Israel: and the strangers that sojourn among them: because it is the fault of all the people through ignorance.

15:27But if one soul shall sin ignorantly, he shall offer a she goat of a year old for his sin.

15:28And the priest shall pray for him, because he sinned ignorantly before the Lord: and he shall obtain his pardon, and it shall be forgiven him.

15:29The same law shall be for all that sin by ignorance, whether they be natives or strangers.

15:30But the soul that committeth any thing through pride, whether he be born in the land or a stranger (because he hath been rebellious against the Lord) shall be cut off from among his people:

15:31For he hath contemned the word of the Lord, and made void his precept: therefore shall he be destroyed, and shall bear his iniquity.

15:32And it came to pass, when the children of Israel were in the wilderness, and had found a man gathering sticks on the sabbath day,

15:33That they brought him to Moses and Aaron and the whole multitude.

15:34And they put him into prison, not knowing what they should do with him.

15:35And the Lord said to Moses: Let that man die, let all the multitude stone him without the camp.

15:36And when they had brought him out, they stoned him, and he died as the Lord had commanded.

15:37The Lord also said to Moses:

15:38Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt tell them to make to themselves fringes in the corners of their garments, putting in them ribands of blue:

15:39That when they shall see them, they may remember all the commandments of the Lord, and not follow their own thoughts and eyes going astray after divers things,

15:40But rather being mindful of the precepts of the Lord, may do them and be holy to their God.

15:41I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that I might be your God.

16:1¤ And behold Core the son of Isaar, the son of Caath, the son of Levi, and Dathan and Abiron the sons of Eliab, and Hon the son of Pheleth of the children of Ruben,

16:2Rose up against Moses, and with them two hundred and fifty others of the children of Israel, leading men of the synagogue, and who in the time of assembly were called by name.

16:3And when they had stood up against Moses and Aaron, they said: Let it be enough for you, that all the multitude consisteth of holy ones, and the Lord is among them: Why lift you up yourselves above the people of the Lord?

16:4When Moses heard this, he fell flat on his face:

16:5And speaking to Core and all the multitude, he said: In the morning the Lord will make known who belong to him, and the holy he will join to himself: and whom he shall choose, they shall approach to him.

16:6Do this therefore: Take every man of you your censers, thou Core, and all thy company.

16:7And putting fire in them to morrow, put incense upon it before the Lord: and whomsoever he shall choose, the same shall be holy: you take too much upon you, ye sons of Levi.

16:8And he said again to Core: Hear ye sons of Levi.

16:9Is it a small thing unto you, that the God of Israel hath spared you from all the people, and joined you to himself, that you should serve him in the service of the tabernacle, and should stand before the congregation of the people, and should minister to him?

16:10Did he therefore make thee and all thy brethren the sons of Levi to approach unto him, that you should challenge to yourselves the priesthood also,

16:11And that all thy company should stand against the Lord? for what is Aaron that you murmur against him?

16:12Then Moses sent to call Dathan and Abiron the sons of Eliab. But they answered: We will not come.

16:13Is it a small matter to thee, that thou hast brought us out of a land that flowed with milk and honey, to kill us in the desert, except thou rule also like a lord over us?

16:14Thou hast brought us indeed into a land that floweth with rivers of milk and honey, and hast given us possessions of fields and vineyards; wilt thou also pull out our eyes? We will not come.

16:15Moses therefore being very angry, said to the Lord: Respect not their sacrifices: thou knowest that I have not taken of them so much as a young ass at any time, nor have injured any of them.

16:16And he said to Core: Do thou and thy congregation stand apart before the Lord to morrow, and Aaron apart.

16:17Take every one of you censers, and put incense upon them, offering to the Lord two hundred and fifty censers: let Aaron also hold his censer.

16:18When they had done this, Moses and Aaron standing,

16:19And had drawn up all the multitude against them to the door of the tabernacle, the glory of the Lord appeared to them all.

16:20And the Lord speaking to Moses and Aaron, said:

16:21Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may presently destroy them.

16:22They fell flat on their face, and said: O most mighty, the God of the spirits of all flesh, for one man's sin shall thy wrath rage against all?

16:23And the Lord said to Moses:

16:24Command the whole people to separate themselves from the tents of Core and Dathan and Abiron.

16:25And Moses arose, and went to Dathan and Abiron: and the ancients of Israel following him,

16:26He said to the multitude: Depart from the tents of these wicked men, and touch nothing of theirs, lest you be involved in their sins.

16:27And when they were departed from their tents round about, Dathan and Abiron coming out stood in the entry of their pavilions with their wives and children, and all the people.

16:28And Moses said: By this you shall know that the Lord hath sent me to do all things that you see, and that I have not forged them of my own head:

16:29If these men die the common death of men, and if they be visited with a plague, wherewith others also are wont to be visited, the Lord did not send me.

16:30But if the Lord do a new thing, and the earth opening her mouth swallow them down, and all things that belong to them, and they go down alive into hell, you shall know that they have blasphemed the Lord.

16:31And immediately as he had made an end of speaking, the earth broke asunder under their feet:

16:32And opening her mouth, devoured them with their tents and all their substance.

16:33And they went down alive into hell, the ground closing upon them, and they perished from among the people.

16:34But all Israel, that was standing round about, fled at the cry of them that were perishing: saying: Lest perhaps the earth swallow us up also.

16:35And a fire coming out from the Lord, destroyed the two hundred and fifty men that offered the incense.

16:36And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

16:37Command Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest to take up the censers that lie in the burning, and to scatter the fire of one side and the other: because they are sanctified

16:38In the deaths of the sinners: and let him beat them into plates, and fasten them to the altar, because incense hath been offered in them to the Lord, and they are sanctified, that the children of Israel may see them for a sign and a memorial.

16:39Then Eleazar the priest took the brazen censers, wherein they had offered, whom the burning fire had devoured, and beat them into plates, fastening them to the altar:

16:40That the children of Israel might have for the time to come wherewith they should be admonished, that no stranger or any one that is not of the seed of Aaron should come near to offer incense to the Lord, lest he should suffer as Core suffered, and all his congregation, according as the Lord spoke to Moses.

16:41The following day all the multitude of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron, saying: You have killed the people of the Lord.

16:42And when there arose a sedition, and the tumult increased,

16:43Moses and Aaron fled to the tabernacle of the covenant. And when they were gone into it, the cloud covered it, and the glory of the Lord appeared.

16:44And the Lord said to Moses:

16:45Get you out from the midst of this multitude, this moment will I destroy them. And as they were lying on the ground,

16:46Moses said to Aaron: Take the censer, and putting fire in it from the altar, put incense upon it, and go quickly to the people to pray for them: for already wrath is gone out from the Lord, and the plague rageth.

16:47When Aaron had done this, and had run to the midst of the multitude which the burning fire was now destroying, he offered the incense:

16:48And standing between the dead and the living, he prayed for the people, and the plague ceased.

16:49And the number of them that were slain was fourteen thousand and seven hundred men, besides them that had perished in the sedition of Core.

16:50And Aaron returned to Moses to the door of the tabernacle of the covenant after the destruction was over.

17:1¤ And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

17:2Speak to the children of Israel, and take of every one of them a rod by their kindreds, of all the princes of the tribes, twelve rods, and write the name of every man upon his rod.

17:3And the name of Aaron shall be for the tribe of Levi, and one rod shall contain all their families:

17:4And thou shalt lay them up in the tabernacle of the covenant before the testimony, where I will speak to thee.

17:5Whomsoever of these I shall choose, his rod shall blossom: and I will make to cease from me the murmurings of the children of Israel, wherewith they murmur against you.

17:6And Moses spoke to the children of Israel: and all the princes gave him rods one for every tribe: and there were twelve rods besides the rod of Aaron.

17:7And when Moses had Laid them up before the Lord in the tabernacle of the testimony:

17:8He returned on the following day, and found that the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi, was budded: and that the buds swelling it had bloomed blossoms, which spreading the leaves, were formed into almonds.

17:9Moses therefore brought out all the rods from before the Lord to all the children of Israel: and they saw, and every one received their rods.

17:10And the Lord said to Moses: Carry back the rod of Aaron into the tabernacle of the testimony, that it may be kept there for a token of the rebellious children of Israel, and that their complaints may cease from me lest they die.

17:11And Moses did as the Lord had commanded.

17:12And the children of Israel said to Moses: Behold we are consumed, we all perish.

17:13Whosoever approacheth to the tabernacle of the Lord, he dieth. Are we all to a man to be utterly destroyed?

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