Book of Proverbs (Author Solomon)

29:1The man that with a stiff neck despiseth him that reproveth him, shall suddenly be destroyed: and health shall not follow him.

29:2When just men increase, the people shall rejoice: when the wicked shall bear rule, the people shall mourn.

29:3A man that loveth wisdom, rejoiceth his father: but he that maintaineth harlots, shall squander away his substance.

29:4A just king setteth up the land: a covetous man shall destroy it.

29:5A man that speaketh to his friend with flattering and dissembling words, spreadeth a net for his feet.

29:6A snare shall entangle the wicked man when he sinneth: and the just shall praise and rejoice.

29:7The just taketh notice of the cause of the poor: the wicked is void of knowledge.

29:8Corrupt men bring a city to ruin: but wise men turn away wrath.

29:9If a wise man contend with a fool, whether he be angry, or laugh, he shall find no rest.

29:10Bloodthirsty men hate the upright: but just men seek his soul.

29:11A fool uttereth all his mind: a wise man deferreth, and keepeth it till afterwards.

29:12A prince that gladly heareth lying words, hath all his servants wicked.

29:13The poor man and the creditor have met one another: the Lord is the enlightener of them both.

29:14The king that judgeth the poor in truth, his throne shall be established for ever.

29:15The rod and reproof give wisdom: but the child that is left to his own will, bringeth his mother to shame.

29:16When the wicked are multiplied, crimes shall be multiplied: but the just shall see their downfall.

29:17Instruct thy son and he shall refresh thee, and shall give delight to thy soul.

29:18When prophecy shall fail, the people shall be scattered abroad: but he that keepeth the law, is blessed.

29:19A slave will not be corrected by words: because he understandeth what thou sayest, and will not answer.

29:20Hast thou seen a man hasty to speak? folly is rather to be looked for, than his amendment.

29:21He that nourisheth his servant delicately from his childhood, afterwards shall find him stubborn.

29:22A passionate man provoketh quarrels: and he that is easily stirred up to wrath, shall be more prone to sin.

29:23Humiliation followeth the proud: and glory shall uphold the humble of spirit.

29:24He that is partaker with a thief, hateth his own soul: he heareth one putting him to his oath, and discovereth not.

29:25He that feareth man shall quickly fall: he that trusteth in the Lord, shall be set on high.

29:26Many seek the face of the prince: but the judgment of every one cometh forth from the Lord.

29:27The just abhor a wicked man: and the wicked loathe them that are in the right way. The son that keepeth the word, shall be free from destruction.

30:1¤ The words of Gatherer the son of Vomiter. The vision which the man spoke, with whom God is, and who being strengthened by God, abiding with him, said:

30:2I am the most foolish of men, and the wisdom of men is not with me.

30:3I have not learned wisdom, and have not known the science of saints.

30:4Who hath ascended up into heaven, and descended? who hath held the wind in his hands? who hath bound up the waters together as in a garment? who hath raised up all the borders of the earth? what is his name, and what is the name of his son, if thou knowest?

30:5Every word of God is fire tried: he is a buckler to them that hope in him.

30:6Add not any thing to his words, lest thou be reproved and found a liar:

30:7Two things I have asked of thee, deny them not to me before I die.

30:8Remove far from me vanity, and lying words. Give me neither beggary, nor riches: give me only the necessaries of life:

30:9Lest perhaps being filled, I should be tempted to deny, and say: Who is the Lord? or being compelled by poverty, I should steal, and forswear the name of my God.

30:10Accuse not a servant to his master, lest he curse thee, and thou fall.

30:11There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.

30:12A generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet are not washed from their filthiness.

30:13A generation, whose eyes are lofty, and their eyelids lifted up on high.

30:14A generation that for teeth hath swords, and grindeth with their jaw teeth, to devour the needy from off the earth, and the poor from among men.

30:15The horseleech hath two daughters that say: Bring, bring. There are three things that never are satisfied, and the fourth never saith: It is enough.

30:16Hell and the mouth of the womb, and the earth which is not satisfied with water: and the fire never saith: It is enough.

30:17The eye that mocketh at his father, and that despiseth the labour of his mother in bearing him, let the ravens of the brooks pick it out, and the young eagles eat it.

30:18Three things are hard to me, and the fourth I am utterly ignorant of.

30:19The way of an eagle in the air, the way of a serpent upon a rock, the way of a ship in the midst of the sea, and the way of a man in youth.

30:20Such also is the way of an adulterous woman, who eateth and wipeth her mouth, and saith: I have done no evil.

30:21By three things the earth is disturbed, and the fourth it cannot bear.

30:22By a slave when he reigneth: by a fool when he is filled with meat:

30:23By an odious woman when she is married: and by a bondwoman when she is heir to her mistress.

30:24There are four very little things of the earth, and they are wiser than the wise.

30:25The ants, a feeble people, which provide themselves food in the harvest:

30:26The rabbit, a weak people, which maketh its bed in the rock:

30:27The locust hath no king, yet they all go out by their bands:

30:28The stellio supporteth itself on hands, and dwelleth in kings' houses.

30:29There are three things, which go well, and the fourth that walketh happily:

30:30A lion, the strongest of beasts, who hath no fear of any thing he meeteth:

30:31A cock girded about the loins: and a ram: and a king, whom none can resist.

30:32There is that hath appeared a fool after he was lifted up on high: for if he had understood, he would have laid his hand upon his mouth.

30:33And he that strongly squeezeth the paps to bring out milk, straineth out butter: and he that violently bloweth his nose, bringeth out blood: and he that provoketh wrath, bringeth forth strife.

31:1¤ The words of king Lamuel. The vision wherewith his mother instructed him.

31:2What, O my beloved, what, O the beloved of my womb, what, O the beloved of my vows?

31:3Give not thy substance to women, and thy riches to destroy kings.

31:4Give not to kings, O Lamuel, give not wine to kings: because there is no secret where drunkenness reigneth:

31:5And lest they drink and forget judgments, and pervert the cause of the children of the poor.

31:6Give strong drink to them that are sad; and wine to them that are grieved in mind:

31:7Let them drink, and forget their want, and remember their sorrow no more.

31:8Open thy mouth for the dumb, and for the causes of all the children that pass.

31:9Open thy mouth, decree that which is just, and do justice to the needy and poor.

31:10Who shall find a valiant woman? far, and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her.

31:11The heart of her husband trusteth in her, and he shall have no need of spoils.

31:12She will render him good, and not evil all the days of her life.

31:13She hath sought wool and flax, and hath wrought by the counsel of her hands.

31:14She is like the merchant's ship, she bringeth her bread from afar.

31:15And she hath risen in the night, and given a prey to her household, and victuals to her maidens.

31:16She hath considered a field, and bought it: with the fruit of her hands she hath planted a vineyard.

31:17She hath girded her loins with strength, and hath strengthened her arm.

31:18She hath tasted, and seen that her traffic is good: her lamp shall not be put out in the night.

31:19She hath put out her hand to strong things, and her fingers have taken hold of the spindle.

31:20She hath opened her hand to the needy, and stretched out her hands to the poor.

31:21She shall not fear for her house in the cold of snow: for all her domestics are clothed with double garments.

31:22She hath made for herself clothing of tapestry: fine linen, and purple, is her covering.

31:23Her husband is honourable in the gates, when he sitteth among the senators of the land.

31:24She made fine linen, and sold it, and delivered a girdle to the Chanaanite.

31:25Strength and beauty are her clothing, and she shall laugh in the latter day.

31:26She hath opened her mouth to wisdom, and the law of clemency is on her tongue.

31:27She hath looked well to the paths of her house, and hath not eaten her bread idle.

31:28Her children rose up, and called her blessed: her husband, and he praised her.

31:29Many daughters have gathered together riches: thou hast surpassed them all.

31:30Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: the woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

31:31Give her of the fruit of her hands: and let her works praise her in the gates.

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