THE HOLY BIBLE Young's Literal

Job (Author Job and/or Moses)

14:1Man, born of woman! Of few days, and full of trouble!

14:2As a flower he hath gone forth, and is cut off, And he fleeth as a shadow and standeth not.

14:3Also -- on this Thou hast opened Thine eyes, And dost bring me into judgment with Thee.

14:4Who giveth a clean thing out of an unclean? not one.

14:5If determined are his days, The number of his months are with Thee, His limit Thou hast made, And he passeth not over;

14:6Look away from off him that he may cease, Till he enjoy as an hireling his day.

14:7For there is of a tree hope, if it be cut down, That again it doth change, That its tender branch doth not cease.

14:8If its root becometh old in the earth, And its stem doth die in the dust,

14:9From the fragrance of water it doth flourish, And hath made a crop as a plant.

14:10And a man dieth, and becometh weak, And man expireth, and where is he?

14:11Waters have gone away from a sea, And a river becometh waste and dry.

14:12And man hath lain down, and riseth not, Till the wearing out of the heavens they awake not, Nor are roused from their sleep.

14:13O that in Sheol Thou wouldst conceal me, Hide me till the turning of Thine anger, Set for me a limit, and remember me.

14:14If a man dieth -- doth he revive? All days of my warfare I wait, till my change come.

14:15Thou dost call, and I -- I answer Thee; To the work of Thy hands Thou hast desire.

14:16But now, my steps Thou numberest, Thou dost not watch over my sin.

14:17Sealed up in a bag is my transgression, And Thou sewest up mine iniquity.

14:18And yet, a falling mountain wasteth away, And a rock is removed from its place.

14:19Stones have waters worn away, Their outpourings wash away the dust of earth, And the hope of man Thou hast destroyed.

14:20Thou prevailest over him for ever, and he goeth, He is changing his countenance, And Thou sendest him away.

14:21Honoured are his sons, and he knoweth not; And they are little, and he attendeth not to them.

14:22Only -- his flesh for him is pained, And his soul for him doth mourn.'

15:1And Eliphaz the Temanite answereth and saith: --

15:2Doth a wise man answer with vain knowledge? And fill with an east wind his belly?

15:3To reason with a word not useful? And speeches -- no profit in them?

15:4Yea, thou dost make reverence void, And dost diminish meditation before God.

15:5For thy mouth teacheth thine iniquity, And thou chooseth the tongue of the subtile.

15:6Thy mouth declareth thee wicked, and not I, And thy lips testify against thee.

15:7The first man art thou born? And before the heights wast thou formed?

15:8Of the secret counsel of God dost thou hear? And withdrawest thou unto thee wisdom?

15:9What hast thou known, and we know not? Understandest thou -- and it is not with us?

15:10Both the gray-headed And the very aged are among us -- Greater than thy father in days.

15:11Too few for thee are the comforts of God? And a gentle word is with thee,

15:12What -- doth thine heart take thee away? And what -- are thine eyes high?

15:13For thou turnest against God thy spirit? And hast brought out words from thy mouth:

15:14What is man that he is pure, And that he is righteous, one born of woman?

15:15Lo, in His holy ones He putteth no credence, And the heavens have not been pure in His eyes.

15:16Also -- surely abominable and filthy Is man drinking as water perverseness.

15:17I shew thee -- hearken to me -- And this I have seen and declare:

15:18Which the wise declare -- And have not hid -- from their fathers.

15:19To them alone was the land given, And a stranger passed not over into their midst:

15:20`All days of the wicked he is paining himself, And few years have been laid up for the terrible one.

15:21A fearful voice is in his ears, In peace doth a destroyer come to him.

15:22He believeth not to return from darkness, And watched is he for the sword.

15:23He is wandering for bread -- `Where is it?' He hath known that ready at his hand Is a day of darkness.

15:24Terrify him do adversity and distress, They prevail over him As a king ready for a boaster.

15:25For he stretched out against God his hand, And against the Mighty he maketh himself mighty.

15:26He runneth unto Him with a neck, With thick bosses of his shields.

15:27For he hath covered his face with his fat, And maketh vigour over his confidence.

15:28And he inhabiteth cities cut off, houses not dwelt in, That have been ready to become heaps.

15:29He is not rich, nor doth his wealth rise, Nor doth he stretch out on earth their continuance.

15:30He turneth not aside from darkness, His tender branch doth a flame dry up, And he turneth aside at the breath of His mouth!

15:31Let him not put credence in vanity, He hath been deceived, For vanity is his recompence.

15:32Not in his day is it completed, And his bending branch is not green.

15:33He shaketh off as a vine his unripe fruit, And casteth off as an olive his blossom.

15:34For the company of the profane is gloomy, And fire hath consumed tents of bribery.

15:35To conceive misery, and to bear iniquity, Even their heart doth prepare deceit.

16:1And Job answereth and saith: --

16:2I have heard many such things, Miserable comforters are ye all.

16:3Is there an end to words of wind? Or what doth embolden thee that thou answerest?

16:4I also, like you, might speak, If your soul were in my soul's stead. I might join against you with words, And nod at you with my head.

16:5I might harden you with my mouth, And the moving of my lips might be sparing.

16:6If I speak, my pain is not restrained, And I cease -- what goeth from me?

16:7Only, now, it hath wearied me; Thou hast desolated all my company,

16:8And Thou dost loathe me, For a witness it hath been, And rise up against me doth my failure, In my face it testifieth.

16:9His anger hath torn, and he hateth me, He hath gnashed at me with his teeth, My adversary sharpeneth his eyes for me.

16:10They have gaped on me with their mouth, In reproach they have smitten my cheeks, Together against me they set themselves.

16:11God shutteth me up unto the perverse, And to the hands of the wicked turneth me over.

16:12At ease I have been, and he breaketh me, And he hath laid hold on my neck, And he breaketh me in pieces, And he raiseth me to him for a mark.

16:13Go round against me do his archers. He splitteth my reins, and spareth not, He poureth out to the earth my gall.

16:14He breaketh me -- breach upon breach, He runneth upon me as a mighty one.

16:15Sackcloth I have sewed on my skin, And have rolled in the dust my horn.

16:16My face is foul with weeping, And on mine eyelids is death-shade.

16:17Not for violence in my hands, And my prayer is pure.

16:18O earth, do not thou cover my blood! And let there not be a place for my cry.

16:19Also, now, lo, in the heavens is my witness, And my testifier in the high places.

16:20My interpreter is my friend, Unto God hath mine eye dropped:

16:21And he reasoneth for a man with God, And a son of man for his friend.

16:22When a few years do come, Then a path I return not do I go.

17:1My spirit hath been destroyed, My days extinguished -- graves are for me.

17:2If not -- mockeries are with me. And in their provocations mine eye lodgeth.

17:3Place, I pray Thee, my pledge with Thee; Who is he that striketh hand with me?

17:4For their heart Thou hast hidden From understanding, Therefore Thou dost not exalt them.

17:5For a portion he sheweth friendship, And the eyes of his sons are consumed.

17:6And he set me up for a proverb of the peoples, And a wonder before them I am.

17:7And dim from sorrow is mine eye, And my members as a shadow all of them.

17:8Astonished are the upright at this, And the innocent against the profane Stirreth himself up.

17:9And the righteous layeth hold on his way, And the clean of hands addeth strength, And -- dumb are they all.

17:10Return, and come in, I pray you, And I find not among you a wise man.

17:11My days have passed by, My devices have been broken off, The possessions of my heart!

17:12Night for day they appoint, Light is near because of darkness.

17:13If I wait -- Sheol is my house, In darkness I have spread out my couch.

17:14To corruption I have called: -- `Thou art my father.' `My mother' and `my sister' -- to the worm.

17:15And where is now my hope? Yea, my hope, who doth behold it?

17:16To the parts of Sheol ye go down, If together on the dust we may rest.

Original from The Bible Foundation - They claim public domain status for their original text.