THE HOLY BIBLE Young's Literal

Psalms (Author Moses, David, Solomon, Asaph, Heman, Ethan, sons of Korah, compiled by Ezra)

79:1O God, nations have come into Thy inheritance, They have defiled Thy holy temple, They made Jerusalem become heaps,

79:2They gave the dead bodies of Thy servants Food for the fowls of the heavens, The flesh of Thy saints For the wild beast of the earth.

79:3They have shed their blood As water round about Jerusalem, And there is none burying.

79:4We have been a reproach to our neighbours, A scorn and a derision to our surrounders.

79:5Till when, O Jehovah? art Thou angry for ever? Thy jealousy doth burn as fire.

79:6Pour Thy fury on the nations who have not known Thee, And on kingdoms that have not called in Thy name.

79:7For one hath devoured Jacob, And his habitation they have made desolate.

79:8Remember not for us the iniquities of forefathers, Haste, let Thy mercies go before us, For we have been very weak.

79:9Help us, O God of our salvation, Because of the honour of Thy name, And deliver us, and cover over our sins, For Thy name's sake.

79:10Why do the nations say, `Where is their God?' Let be known among the nations before our eyes, The vengeance of the blood of Thy servants that is shed.

79:11Let the groaning of the prisoner come in before Thee, According to the greatness of Thine arm, Leave Thou the sons of death.

79:12And turn Thou back to our neighbours, Sevenfold unto their bosom, their reproach, Wherewith they reproached Thee, O Lord.

79:13And we, Thy people, and the flock of Thy pasture, We give thanks to Thee to the age, To all generations we recount Thy praise!

80:1Shepherd of Israel, give ear, Leading Joseph as a flock, Inhabiting the cherubs -- shine forth,

80:2Before Ephraim, and Benjamin, and Manasseh, Wake up Thy might, and come for our salvation.

80:3O God, cause us to turn back, And cause Thy face to shine, and we are saved.

80:4Jehovah, God of Hosts, till when? Thou hast burned against the prayer of Thy people.

80:5Thou hast caused them to eat bread of tears, And causest them to drink With tears a third time.

80:6Thou makest us a strife to our neighbors, And our enemies mock at it.

80:7God of Hosts, turn us back, And cause Thy face to shine, and we are saved.

80:8A vine out of Egypt Thou dost bring, Thou dost cast out nations, and plantest it.

80:9Thou hast looked before it, and dost root it, And it filleth the land,

80:10Covered have been hills with its shadow, And its boughs are cedars of God.

80:11It sendeth forth its branches unto the sea, And unto the river its sucklings.

80:12Why hast Thou broken down its hedges, And all passing by the way have plucked it?

80:13A boar out of the forest doth waste it, And a wild beast of the fields consumeth it.

80:14God of Hosts, turn back, we beseech Thee, Look from heaven, and see, and inspect this vine,

80:15And the root that Thy right hand planted, And the branch Thou madest strong for Thee,

80:16Burnt with fire -- cut down, From the rebuke of Thy face they perish.

80:17Let Thy hand be on the man of Thy right hand, On the son of man Thou hast strengthened for Thyself.

80:18And we do not go back from Thee, Thou dost revive us, and in Thy name we call.

80:19O Jehovah, God of Hosts, turn us back, Cause Thy face to shine, and we are saved!

81:1Cry aloud to God our strength, Shout to the God of Jacob.

81:2Lift up a song, and give out a timbrel, A pleasant harp with psaltery.

81:3Blow in the month a trumpet, In the new moon, at the day of our festival,

81:4For a statute to Israel it is, An ordinance of the God of Jacob.

81:5A testimony on Joseph He hath placed it, In his going forth over the land of Egypt. A lip, I have not known -- I hear.

81:6From the burden his shoulder I turned aside, His hands from the basket pass over.

81:7In distress thou hast called and I deliver thee, I answer thee in the secret place of thunder, I try thee by the waters of Meribah. Selah.

81:8Hear, O My people, and I testify to thee, O Israel, if thou dost hearken to me:

81:9There is not in thee a strange god, And thou bowest not thyself to a strange god.

81:10I am Jehovah thy God, Who bringeth thee up out of the land of Egypt. Enlarge thy mouth, and I fill it.

81:11But, My people hearkened not to My voice, And Israel hath not consented to Me.

81:12And I send them away in the enmity of their heart, They walk in their own counsels.

81:13O that My people were hearkening to Me, Israel in My ways would walk.

81:14As a little thing their enemies I cause to bow, And against their adversaries I turn back My hand,

81:15Those hating Jehovah feign obedience to Him, But their time is -- to the age.

81:16He causeth him to eat of the fat of wheat, And with honey from a rock I satisfy thee!

Original from The Bible Foundation - They claim public domain status for their original text.