THE HOLY BIBLE Young's Literal

Psalms (Author Moses, David, Solomon, Asaph, Heman, Ethan, sons of Korah, compiled by Ezra)

91:1He who is dwelling In the secret place of the Most High, In the shade of the Mighty lodgeth habitually,

91:2He is saying of Jehovah, `My refuge, and my bulwark, my God, I trust in Him,'

91:3For He delivereth thee from the snare of a fowler, From a calamitous pestilence.

91:4With His pinion He covereth thee over, And under His wings thou dost trust, A shield and buckler is His truth.

91:5Thou art not afraid of fear by night, Of arrow that flieth by day,

91:6Of pestilence in thick darkness that walketh, Of destruction that destroyeth at noon,

91:7There fall at thy side a thousand, And a myriad at thy right hand, Unto thee it cometh not nigh.

91:8But with thine eyes thou lookest, And the reward of the wicked thou seest,

91:9(For Thou, O Jehovah, art my refuge,) The Most High thou madest thy habitation.

91:10Evil happeneth not unto thee, And a plague cometh not near thy tent,

91:11For His messengers He chargeth for thee, To keep thee in all thy ways,

91:12On the hands they bear thee up, Lest thou smite against a stone thy foot.

91:13On lion and asp thou treadest, Thou trampest young lion and dragon.

91:14Because in Me he hath delighted, I also deliver him -- I set him on high, Because he hath known My name.

91:15He doth call Me, and I answer him, I am with him in distress, I deliver him, and honour him.

91:16With length of days I satisfy him, And I cause him to look on My salvation!

92:1Good to give thanks to Jehovah, And to sing praises to Thy name, O Most High,

92:2To declare in the morning Thy kindness, And Thy faithfulness in the nights.

92:3On ten strings and on psaltery, On higgaion, with harp.

92:4For Thou hast caused me to rejoice, O Jehovah, in Thy work, Concerning the works of Thy hands I sing.

92:5How great have been Thy works, O Jehovah, Very deep have been Thy thoughts.

92:6A brutish man doth not know, And a fool understandeth not this; --

92:7When the wicked flourish as a herb, And blossom do all workers of iniquity -- For their being destroyed for ever and ever!

92:8And Thou art high to the age, O Jehovah.

92:9For, lo, Thine enemies, O Jehovah, For, lo, Thine enemies, do perish, Separate themselves do all workers of iniquity.

92:10And Thou exaltest as a reem my horn, I have been anointed with fresh oil.

92:11And mine eye looketh on mine enemies, Of those rising up against me, The evil doers, do mine ears hear.

92:12The righteous as a palm-tree flourisheth, As a cedar in Lebanon he groweth.

92:13Those planted in the house of Jehovah, In the courts of our God do flourish.

92:14Still they bring forth in old age, Fat and flourishing are they,

92:15To declare that upright is Jehovah my rock, And there is no perverseness in Him!

93:1Jehovah hath reigned, Excellency He hath put on, Jehovah put on strength, He girded Himself, Also -- established is the world, unmoved.

93:2Established is Thy throne since then, From the age Thou art.

93:3Floods have lifted up, O Jehovah, Floods have lifted up their voice, Floods lift up their breakers.

93:4Than the voices of many mighty waters, Breakers of a sea, mighty on high is Jehovah,

93:5Thy testimonies have been very stedfast, To Thy house comely is holiness, O Jehovah, for length of days!

Original from The Bible Foundation - They claim public domain status for their original text.