Easton's Bible Dictionary: M. G. Easton, M.A., D.D.


A bow.

  1. A Levite of the family of Merari (1 Chr. 23:21, 24:29).
  2. A Benjamite of Jerusalem (1 Chr. 8:30, 9:36).
  3. A Levite in the time of Hezekiah (2 Chr. 29:12).
  4. The great-grandfather of Mordecai (Esther 2:5).
  5. A Benjamite, the son of Abiel, and father of king Saul (1 Sam. 9:1, 3, 10:11, 21, 14:51; 2 Sam. 21:14). All that is recorded of him is that he sent his son Saul in search of his asses that had strayed, and that he was buried in Zelah. Called Cis, Acts 13:21 (R.V., Kish).

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