Welcome to awmach.org!

The new awmach.org has a different focus than the previous site. I hope you will find the new information to be useful. If you miss the previous Bibles and Biblical references, there are now many locations on the Internet where they can be read. All of the Bibles are still around and can be used to link to my scripture references if you prefer a different version than the KJV. My plan is to focus on the Word of God, being given today in the churches and services I attend. While this frequently has direct application to the group that is present, like God's written Word, it will never return void.

Most of my locally produced Bible content has been moved to awmach.net. This is a work in progress, and the various studies that haven't yet made the transition will in due course. Various political or hot topic threads have been moved to awmach.com.

The Haller's Concordances have been rebuilt for the new site. I hope you find them useful. Keep in mind that the site bibles are adjusted to the AV verse numbering, so there may not be a 1:1 correspondence to your printed copy. This is particularly true for Catholic based versions where the Psalms are split differently causing many Psalms to be off by one chapter number compared to the AV.

I hope you find the site to be useful and more responsive than the old site. There will be less for search engines to crawl, so it should be more responsive to most readers. It is my hope that those who come to these associated sites are more interested in God's current Word for His Church today rather than Words they could read elsewhere just as easily as here.

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