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Parallel Bible Display Tool

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Although many other book abbreviations are recognized, the following minimum subset is available: ge, ex, le, nu, de, jos, jud, ru, 1sa, 2sa, 1ki, 2ki, 1ch, 2ch, ezr, ne, xtob, xju, es, job, ps, pr, ec, so, xwis, xsir, isa, jer, la, xbar, eze, da, ho, joe, am, ob, jon, mic, na, hab, zep, hag, zec, mal, x1ma, x2ma, mt, mr, lu, joh, ac, ro, 1co, 2co, ga, eph, php, col, 1th, 2th, 1ti, 2ti, tit, phm, heb, jas, 1pe, 2pe, 1jo, 2jo, 3jo, jude, re, xpm, x3ez, x4ez