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Parallel Bible Display Tool Help

The parallel Bible display tool is a modification of the one present on the old site. It has some advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages - you can list scriptures from various books of the Bible at once in any order. The disadvantage - you need to use book names or abbreviations as opposed to the list that the old tool had.

Separate references from the same book with commas. Separate different book references by semicolons. A wide range of abbreviations will be recognized, but there is no attempt made to handle every possible abbreviation. Also, the abbreviations are KJV centric. Basic Catholic names may work, but the book naming follows the KJV standard for Kings and the like.

The following abbreviations are guaranteed to work. The items to the left of the slash are possible extended abbreviations that can be used for the actual abbreviation to the right of the slash. Multiple options are separated by vertical bars. A question mark indicates that the character before may not be present. A plus sign indicates one or more may be present. The (?: ?) notation indicates an optional sequence. Capitalization is optional.

1 sa/1sa
2 sa/2sa
1 ki/1ki
2 ki/2ki
3 ki/1ki
4 ki/2ki
1 ch/1ch
2 ch/2ch
(Ezra|1 Esdras|Ezr|Esd)/ezr
(Nehemiah|Nehemias|2 Esdras|Neh?)/ne
(Songs? of Solomon|Song of Songs|So(?:ng?)?|Canticle of Canticles|Cant)/so
(Book of Wisdom|^Wis)/xwis
1 ma/x1ma
2 ma/x2ma

(Acts?|Acts of the Apostles|Act?)/ac
1 cor/1co
2 cor/2co
1 co/1co
2 co/2co
1 th/1th
2 th/2th
1 ti/1ti
2 ti/2ti
1 pe/1pe
2 pe/2pe
1 joh?/1jo
2 joh?/2jo
3 joh?/3jo

(Prayer of Manasseh)/xpm
(3 Esdras)/x3ez
(4 Esdras)/x4ez

Check all the Bibles you wish to see. If you select a great number, the menu at the right will overlap the first few verses, so pick a few extra at the start of your list for now. I'll try to get that fixed up eventually.

You can indicate ranges of verses or chapters as needed. For books that just have one chapter, the chapter number may be omitted. If just a book name appears, the entire book is displayed.