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HOLY BIBLE: Authorized King James: Copyright Information

The most current and correct copy of this Bible can be obtained from The Bible Foundation. If you find any errors in our copy, please let us know and check their site to see if a revised copy has been posted there. claimed that the text used to form this on-line Bible was in the public domain.

The Bible, introductory notes, and this file of additional information have been marked up for web display.

  • Additions:
    • Table of contents.
    • Chains between books.
    • References at the first of each book to the start of each chapter.
  • Changes:
    • Words enclosed in [] characters have been rendered in italics.
    • Chapter subheadings in Psalms have been positioned between the chapter heading and first verse as separate headings.
    • Subheadings in Psalms 119 have been positioned before the verse in which they appear as separate headings.
    • Trailing comments at the end of the New Testament books have been rendered as separate headings.
  • Notes:
    • The chapter subheading in Psalm 132 was not identified in the original source.

Our HTML markup of the above documents may be used subject to the following conditions:

  1. The entire HTML representation of the above works (the source of the Bible) may be copied for personal private use as needed. These copied files may be distributed to individuals as long as the copies are distributed without change and without financial profit subject to the following exceptions. It is permitted to charge a small fee for recovering any nominal costs for media and copying. If you don't wish to provide equivalents of the scripts which serve up notes for certain Bibles or provide special unadorned versions of the text, the HTML links can be changed as needed to reference the Bible texts directly.
  2. The images associated with our web pages are unregistered trademarks of our website, and should be changed if redistributed to other parties, unless their HTML links are modified to point to the original pages.
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