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Young's Literal Translation: Copyright Information

Young's Literal Translation

Robert Young, 1862, 1887, 1898

Author of the Analytical Concordance to the Bible

Revised Edition

Printed copy available from Baker Publishing
Grand Rapids, MI, 49516

Introduction to the Electronic Format:

This text was keyed from the photo-offset edition printed by Baker Books. Thanks to Earl Melton and Sandi Cooley for much data entry work. The NT has been proof-read twice, and the OT once.

Problems Not Changed
Ge. 37:36 (the word Medanites looks unusual compared to v.28, but different Hebrew words are used and the one at v36 admits the spelling -- not changed.)
Ex. 1:11 contains Raamses, unlike Rameses in 12:37. (Not changed due to this spelling justified by 2 different Hebrew words.)
Jer. 15:7 'in the gates the land' may be a typo. It may need 'of' the land. (Not changed)
Am. 2:4 word 'reserve' could be a typo for 'reverse'.
Mt. 22:19 tribute-coin?' -- question mark is unusual. (Not changed)
Mt. 24:48 Lord -- capitalized but not in vs.45,46 (Not changed)
Mt. 27:11 'Art thou the king of the Jews!' -- a question mark appears to be more appropriate. (Not changed)
Joh. 4:35 'do not' could be 'do ye not' as interlinear. (Not changed)
Joh. 8:36 'son' not capitalized (Not changed)
Ac. 12:11 'did sent' (may be 'did send'. Not changed)
Ac. 17:9 'having taking' (may be 'having taken'. Not changed)
Ac. 22:25 a question mark would be more appropriate at end of verse.
Ro. 4:22 'him to' appears, through proportional spacing, to be missing punctuation. (Not Changed)
Problems Changed
Ge. 50:17 their speaking unto them > their speaking unto him (the word 'them' seems to be a typo in the printed copy based on context and other translations.)
Ex. 3:22 Egyptians. > Egyptians.'
Ex. 4:12 speakest; > speakest;'
Ex. 14:15 me > Me (as My in 14:18)
Ex. 16:28 my > My (as first My in same verse)
Num. 18:32 of of > of
De. 28:43 is thy midst > is in thy midst
Jos. 10:36 against it > against it, (as previous few verses)
Jos. 12:4 dwell- > dwelling
Jos. 19:50 hill country > hill-country (as numerous others)
Jos. 21:36-37 is bracketed -- no apparent reason, brackets removed.
Judg. 5:4 dropped > dropped,
Judg. 5:6 ways > ways.
Judg. 8:21 Zeba > Zebah
Judg. 9:3 brother; > brother;'
Judg. 17:3 silverings > silverlings (as in the same passage numerous times)
Judg. 19:16 and > (and (the verse ends with a close-parenthesis)
Judg. 19:27 threshhold > threshold
1 Sa. 2:8 poor > poor,
2 Sa. 10:15-19 Hadarezer > Hadadezer (three times, changed to previous occurrences)
2 Sa. 17:10 (a word is unreadable, 'these' or 'those'. used 'those')
2 Sa. 21:10 sackloth > sackcloth
2 Sa. 22:37 ancles > ankles
1 Ki. 1:32 Jehoida > Jehoiada
2 Ki. 15:17 of of > of
2 Ki. 19:23 mountains > mountains -- (some sort of punctuation was needed)
1 Ch. 1:32 Jokshan; > Jokshan:
1 Ch. 1:42 Dishan; > Dishan:
1 Ch. 4:25 Mibsam, > Mibsam
1 Ch. 4:28 Beer-sheba > Beer-Sheba
2 Ch. 7:20 byeword > byword
Ezr. 4:8 Shimai > Shimshai (as other occurrences in this chapter)
Neh. 9:34 thy > Thy (as numerous in this passage)
Job 33:19 He > he (does not refer to deity)
Ps. 116:18 led > let (as v.14)
Ps. 144:10 sword evil > sword of evil (a large blank spot is in the text indicating a missing word.)
Jer. 36:14 Jedhudi > Jehudi
Jer. 39:11 chief the > chief of the (as v.10,13)
Jer. 51:16 forth > forth, (the comma is absent, but appears to be needed)
Lam. 2:2 His > His wrath (the word is missing, and Darby&AV use 'wrath')
Eze. 10:18 off > of
Eze. 31:2 greatness > greatness? (proportional spacing indicates missing punc.)
Hos. 10:2 standing-pillars > standing pillars (as v.1.)
Am. 2:2 (print bad, could be 'of trumpet' or 'of a trumpet'. I used 'of a trumpet'.)
Mic. 6:5 Shitim > Shittim
Mt. 10:9 no scrip > nor scrip
Mt. 12:17 fulfiled > fulfilled
Mt. 13:8 hundred-fold > hundredfold (as in vs.23; 19:29)
Mt. 15:14 fall. > fall.'
Mt. 17:24 'Yes. > 'Yes.'
Mt. 18:13 ninety nine > ninety-nine (as in vs.12)
Mt. 18:18 heaven > heavens (as others in this passage)
Mt. 21:38 inheritance > inheritance; (proportional spacing indicate punctuation.)
Mk. 1:44 them. > them.' (added close quote)
Mk. 2:25 'And > And (removed first quote as spurious)
Mk. 6:2 done?' > done? (end quote removed, use existing end quote in vs.3)
Mk. 8:24 said, I > said, 'I
Mk. 8:31 again;' > again; (not quotable speech)
Mk. 8:33 adversary > Adversary (as elsewhere)
Mk. 9:28 forth.' > forth?'
Mk. 15:28 writing > Writing (as elsewhere).
Lu. 2:5 enrol > enroll
Lu. 2:29 thy > Thy
Lu. 8:46 me ' > me.'
Lu. 14:9 Removed quotation mark at beginning of sub quote.
Lu. 14:32 ambassy > embassy (as 19:14)
Lu. 21:14 before hand > beforehand
Joh. 1:29 lamb > Lamb (as 1:36
Joh. 9:16 bad type missing open-quote and 'a' before man. (changed)
Joh. 9:26 thee?' > thee? (in favor of close quote at end of verse)
Joh. 16:7,13,14 capitalized personal pronouns referring to the Holy Spirit as vs. 8.
Joh. 17:23 thou > Thou (as first occurrence in verse)
Joh. 18:31 `Pilate > Pilate
Ac. 5:37 enrolment > enrollment
Ro. 9:23 he > He (to match following 'Him')
1 Co. 1:27 that he may > that He may (as other occurrences)
1 Co. 3:22 be all > be -- all (proportional spacing indicates missing punctuation.)
1 Co. 7:18 being uncircumcised > being circumcised (compare to AV.)
2 Co. 12:6 forbear > forebear
2 Co. 12:3 have have > have
Col. 1:11 his > His (as others).
1 Th. 3:11 himself > Himself (as others, v.13)
2 Ti. 4:2 long suffering > long-suffering (as it is in 3:10) and elsewhere.
Heb. 2:17 chief-priest > chief priest (as appears in 3:1 etc.)
Heb, 3:15 his > His (as the same quote in vs. 7.)
Heb. 11:8 whether > whither
Heb. 12:28 well pleasingly > well-pleasingly (as 13:16,21).
Jas. 2:14 `faith > faith, (it is not a quote, and a space is present for punctuation.)
Re. 4:5 seven spirits > Seven Spirits (as previous usage)
Re. 5:6 seven Spirits > Seven Spirits (as previous usage)
Word Spelling Standardization
all-devouring Ps. 52:4 removed hyphen.
Bathsheba 1 Ki. 1:28 changed to 'Bath-Sheba' as all other occurrences.
birth-day Mk. 6:21, Mt. 14:6 changed to 'birthday' as one other occurrence.
bride-groom Mt. 9:15 changed to 'bridegroom' as 24 other occurrences.
byeword 1 Ki. 9:7; De. 28:37; 2 Ch. 7:20 changed to 'byword' as Job 30:9, Jer. 24:9
clear-heat Isa removed hyphen
Esarhaddon 1 Ki. 19:37 changed to 'Esar-Haddon' as Isa 37:38
Eshbaal 1 Ch. 9:39 changed to 'Esh-Baal' as 1ch 8:33
firepans Jer. 52:19 changed to 'fire-pans' as 3 others.
foot-men 1 Ch. 19:18 changed to 'footmen' as others.
fore-know(ledge) 1 Pe. 1:2, 20 changed to 'foreknow(ledge)' as Ac. 2:23 and Ro. 8:29.
fore-ordained Eph. 1:5, 11 changed to 'foreordained' as 1co 2:7.
four-fold Lu. 19:8 changed to 'fourfold' as 2 Sa. 12:6.
gate-keeper(s) 2 Sa. 18:26; Ezr. 7:7; 1 Ch. 26:1, 12; 2 Ki. 7:10, 11 changed to gatekeeper(s) as 31 other occurrences.
goodwill 2 Ch. 15:15 changed to good-will as 7 other occurrences.
hail-stone(s) Jos. 10:11; Eze. 38:22 changed to 'hailstone(s)' as 3 others.
hand-maid Ge. 31:33; De. 5:14, 12:12, 18, 16:11, 14; Job 31:13 changed to 'handmaid' as 40 others.
honey-comb Lu. 24:42 changed to 'honeycomb' as 4 others.
hundred-fold Ge. 26:12; Mk. 10:30 changed to 'hundredfold' as 3 others.
I-chabod 1 Sa. 4:21 changed to 'I-Chabod' as 1sa 14:3.
lampstand Lu. 8:16, 11:33 changed to 'lamp-stand' as 10 others.
lap-wing Le. 11:19 changed to 'lapwing' as De 14:18
law-giv(er)(ing) Ps. 60:7, 108:8, Rom. 9:4 changed to 'lawgiv(er)(ing)' as 7 others.
manslayer Jos. 21:21; Joh. 8:44 changed to 'man-slayer' as 18 others.
mill-stone(s) De. 24:6; Nu. 11:8; Ex. 11:5; Mt. 18:6 changed to 'millstone(s)' as 6 others.
network(s) Jer. 52:22; Isa. 19:9 changed to 'net-work(s)' as 7 others.
offering-up 2 Ch. 35:14 changed to 'offering up' as others.
out-going(s) Eze. 27:33; 2 Pe. 1:15; Ex. 23:16; 1 Ki. 10:28; Jos 15:7 changed to 'outgoing(s)' as 31 others.
over-abound Rom. 5:20 changed to 'overabound' as 2co 7:4.
over-abundance Mt. 13:12, 25:29 changed to 'overabundance'. (only 2 occurrences)
over-shadow(ed) Lu. 1:35, 9:34; Heb. 9:5 changed to 'overshadow(ed)' as 3 others.
palmerworm Am. 4:9 changed to 'palmer-worm' as Joe 1:4;2:25
sideposts 1 Ki. 6:31 changed to 'side-posts' as 8 others.
store-house(s) Lu. 12:18; De. 28:8; Joe. 1:17 changed to 'storehouse(s)' as 7 others.
vinedresser(s) Jer. 52:16; 2 Ch. 26:10; 2 Ki. 25:12 changed to 'vine-dresser(s)' as 3 others.
vine-yards De. 6:11 changed to 'vineyards' as 114 others.
worm-wood De. 29:18 changed to 'wormwood' as 9 others.
wellwisher Ps. 7:4 changed to well-wisher as 1 others.
white-washed Ac. 23:3 changed to 'whitewashed' as Mt. 23:27

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  • Additions:
    • Table of contents.
    • Chains between books.
    • References at the first of each book to the start of each chapter.
  • Changes:
    • Words enclosed in [] characters have been rendered in italics.
    • Chapter subheadings in Psalms have been positioned between the chapter heading and first verse as a fifth level heading.
    • Subheadings in Psalms 119 have been positioned before the verse in which they appear as fifth level headings.
  • Deletions:
    • In the introduction, repeated headings "HEBREW TENSES ILLUSTRATED BY THOSE OF OTHER LANGUAGES" have been omitted.
  • Notes:
    • The original source has an inconsistency in Psalms 20:3, a verse continuation does not begin with a space.

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