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God is Still in Style - October 7, 2012

Faith Assembly of God - morning service:

My children, I remind you today that my love will not go out of style. It will not become passé or old hat. The news reports this morning on your newspaper or on your television are going to be old stuff in a few days but my blood that I shed for you is just as new as it was when it flowed from my body. I love you just as deeply now as I did then.

I will not get out of date. I will not go out of style. I will not have any of my power dissipate. I have everything that I have always had and I want you to hone in on it - I want you to focus on all of the power that is available for you because Iwant you to live in style - up to date - with me.

I want you to share the love of Jesus - of myself - to your friends, to those who have hurt. And you will do it by staying close to me. You will be successful and you will overcome because I am in style. I am still in charge. I am still the Creator. I am still your Savior, your Baptizer. I am still your Healer. I am still everything that you need. I have your plans and I have your schedules in my hand and I want you to see what I will do as you will just reach out and see the power that I have.