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God... Our Constant Companion - May 27, 2012

Faith Assembly of God, morning service

You hunger and are attentive to my written word but I'm also the word of God made flesh that has come to dwell within you, to set up my tabernacle, my tent within you. So be attentive to my indwelling presence. I am your constant companion. The one constant through every circumstance, every change of season, every storm. As the breeze of warm air that comforts you changes to a cold north wind that bites and chills you, I remain the same, constant. I do not change.

So set your heart at rest in this. Breathe in deep. Inhale that life of my Spirit. And as you exhale, picture doubt, fear, tension and friction in relationships, negativity leaving, unwelcome in this atmosphere that my Spirit creates, my anointing that breaks every yoke, my hovering presence that incubates and brings forth life and light. Agree with that and declare that my light breaks into your darkness.

Drink deeply my beloved. I have pools of refreshing crystal clear waters prepared for you to drink of. Some will take a sip and think how sweet that was. Others will gulp down my living waters as a man on a journey in a desert finding an oasis of water in a cool spring, splashing in it, knowing that he has been given this life in a dry and thirsty land.