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God's Father's Day Message - June 18, 2017

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I am your perfect Father. You may have families on this earth that aren't perfect but I sent My only Son, My precious Son, so that you could be redeemed to Me and now you're all My children. And My son became the replacement and was able to bring all of you to Me so that you could be My children. So I want you to rest in that. If you don't think everything is perfect on earth, look to Me because I am your perfect heavenly Father and I have given you all the provisions that you need. I will guide you. I will talk to you. You will be My friend. I will give you wisdom. I will provide for you financially. I will strengthen you and encourage you. I will fill you with My Spirit. I will heal you and I will keep you every single day that you live on earth. And then, I look forward to the time when you will be with Me forever. So be encouraged that I am your special Father that no one, no one can take away, but I am yours.