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I Need Your Personal Testimonies - April 6, 2014

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

Who you are... who I made you... your background... your past... your future... your personality... your likes and dislikes... everything that you are I want you to give to me and I want you to let me use it and testify to people.

Small things are important. Who you are... small experiences... your faith, strength, and times where you think that no one would care or that you're not strong, I need those things. There are people who are not gonna darken the door to a church. There are people who won't listen to Christian music but they might hear someone say I love you or let me tell you what I went through, let me tell you about my experience.

Give me those experiences. Move deeper into your personalities and into your lives and who you are and give them to me because I need them. They are very important to bring souls to the kingdom. Open up yourselves. Give of yourselves. Don't worry about being hurt because I'll heal you. Don't worry about what you have to do because I will take care of the rest. Give me yourself and let me show you what I can do through you.

Editors note: This Sunday, two ladies testified of healing. One had fallen the night before and wasn't sure she would be able to walk down the hallway at church the next day. She prayed and the next day felt fine. Another lady testified that she had a toe that was bothering her during the service the week before and thought to go home and soak her foot to make it feel better but went up for prayer instead. She came back without any pain in her toe.

God is still on the throne. He is still listening to our needs. He still cares about every human there is. He still wants all to come to Him freely.

I know that not all prayers are answered the way we want them to be. I know that Jesus was successful in His ministry because He always did what He saw His Father in heaven doing - He was completely in tune with the Holy Spirit's direction. He healed many and performed many miracles according to His Father's will, but not everyone who was ill around Him was healed and all the things that needed miracles didn't get fixed - it wasn't in the Father's divinely wise plan to do so.

Due to this, many times Christians are silent about all the good things God does for us. Frequently, even the local church doesn't find out to say nothing of His church in general. We know that healing we receive and miracles done for us can't be reproduced on demand, so the skeptics will continue to doubt just as they doubt the gospel accounts of the early church. Yet He does do many good things for us. My wife's hands are pretty steady today compared to the way she was before she went up to ask for prayer for healing years ago. We need to testify to the good things that He does to help to counter the doubt that is pervasive in the world today.

They might not seem like the feeding of the 5,000 to you and may thus seem insignificant, but they are important to God. He just said so. Tell the people you know what God has personally done for you. Telling a stranger may not do much good unless God has directed you to tell them, but tell your friends and neighbors. He just commanded you to do so.