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A Better Insurance Policy - August 13, 2017

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I want to remind you of how powerful my love is. Sometimes you can get so overwhelmed with the problems around you that you forget that my coverage is complete. There are no weak spots. There are no empty places. But I completely surround you with everything you need. My power is complete. It was finished on the cross. I am not like an insurance policy - when you read the fine print you see that there is not coverage there. You have complete coverage with me. You have everything you need.

Please trust in me. Don't struggle alone with your problems. Give them to me and just rest and just fathom that in my love for you and in my strength that I'm giving you. Take it and use it and rest in it because I am complete. There is nothing missing. There is nothing broken. I am your perfect Savior.