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Above the Storm - June 28, 2009

Faith Assembly of God, morning service:

Am I not in this place? Am I not here today to meet your every need? Do not look at the circumstances. Don't look down, but look up to me the mighty God! I am your Savior. I am your healer. My love for you is great.

Don't look at the waves. Don't look at the storm. Look above it because I am there. I will not suffer your foot to be hurt but my name will be praised through your lives.

My name will be exalted because people will see that your faith is in me. Your strength is in me. They will realize that you have something and they will want it. Be faithful to what you know is true.

Do not look at the storm. I am above the storm. I am the mighty God in this place. I am here today, this day, to tell you that I have not left you or deserted you. My arms are around you. My presence is with you and I will go with you every step. I will be there.

My name will be praised and you will be exalted. Love me and believe me this day!