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The Ancient Ways and the New Paths of God - February 14, 1999

Restoration Church

I have said to you My people that I am doing a new thing. I am doing a new thing, a new thing, but you do not perceive it. You do not perceive it because you choose to look for it in a way that you choose to look for it. Even as I tell you I am doing a new thing, I also tell you to look to the ancient way, and to look to the ancient path. For that new thing and that ancient path are linked up together. I choose to do the new thing in you as I chose to do the new thing to My people in the past. When I chose to do that new thing, that became the ancient way.

My people look to the ancient way and look to the ancient path - the ancient way and the new thing are both life and blessing to you. However there cannot be even a smidgen - a touch - a drop - none of what is still within you, including the snobbiness, haughtiness, pride and your critical spirit against your own brothers and sisters. These you still carry, some of you know - are aware of this. Just carrying a 'little bit' of something. As you have made progress in areas, you think - justify - that you can hang on to that 'little bit' of this or that. You cannot hang on to that little bit and still get the new thing and the ancient path.

So you choose. Choose you. Choose you - your inclinations of your own heart, and that 'little bit' of those things and that distance - or My will, My way, My path, My new thing?

Choose and then tell Me - verbally. For I am moving My people on!