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Be a Conduit and Not a Dam - September 27, 2015

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

My children, I've called you to be a conduit - not a dam. I called you to let My Spirit be poured out through you to the world. I have so much love and you are My way to get it to the hurting and the dying. Don't dam it up for yourself because it will become rancid and dead but open up your floodgates. Let me flow through that conduit.

And just like a coffee pot has a spout so that you get your coffee into your cup in the morning in the right place, look and see where I want you to direct My power because they are hurting and I can use you. I need you in that spot. I don't have another spot for you. I have a spot for you to flow through and onto. So be aware and let My Spirit flow. You're not gonna to run out. I have plenty for you and to overflowing.

Flow through the conduit that you have become and do the work that I have for you to do.