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Be My First Responder - June 10, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

I have created you above anything else in my creation. I gave you emotions. I gave you feelings. You don't live just by instinct but you have joy. I gave you the joy of my salvation. I give you peace in my storm. And you will be as my children - first responders to the needy. So you need to use your emotions as well. Compassion! I give you tears sometimes so that you can have compassion on others, so that you can rejoice with others and you can minister to others. When I gave you the baptism in the Holy Spirit I gave you a special language so that you would know, that you would know, that you would know that you have the power to minister to people. So don't be afraid to be happy. Don't be afraid to move into a situation that scares you, because I put you there and I gave you the feelings - I gave you the power - to fulfill my duty to the person that you are ministering to. You are my hands extended and you are fully equipped to do what I want you to do.