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Come be Part of the Family of God - June 21, 2015

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I remind you that the spirit of adoption has come from my throne. I have adopted you as my children. I have chosen you and you have come to me and said yes - be my big daddy, my father. If you have not done that, I want you to do it because I want the family to be complete in heaven. I have all of the benefits that you need. I have a big checking account that's never overdrawn. I have every power in my hand. I can heal you. I can fix your finances. I can fix your hopes. I can fix your health. If you will come to me and let me be your father. Bring them to me - don't hide them from me. I know what they are anyway. Come to me and let me be your heavenly father and let me bring you into the family.