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Be Ready By My Spirit - February 3, 2019

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I love you dearly My children and I see what is going on in your heart. I want you to rise above the status quo. I want you to seek after Me desperately. I have so many miracles. I have healings. I have deliverances that need to take place. They are going to happen through you and you have to reach to that second level.

It is not going to happen by your own power. It is going to be by My Spirit. It is not by your might, not by your spirit, but by My Spirit.

If you are entering into a race, you would prepare your vehicle to win. You wouldn't forget to put gas in or say well it doesn't matter if I haven't checked the oil. You would have your vehicle ready to win that race. And it might be a split second win but you will win. You have to be ready. Be ready. Drop those things off that are slowing you down. Remove those things that are stopping the win as you race and move forward because I want to do signs and miracles. I want to do them through you so be ready by My Spirit.