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Call to Intercession - October 4, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I am calling intercession... Intercessors who will step out and be front and center and seek My face. Not just quietly or a little word here or there. I want you to seek Me with all your heart. There is a spiritual warfare going on like never before and I need you on your knees. That is where the battle will be won. Remember that I have already overcome the prince and powers of darkness and I need you to step in that place on this earth. This is why you are here is to serve Me and to follow Me and to do the work that needs to be done and it will be done on your knees seeking My face. I do hear your prayer. You don't have to tell Me how to answer it... you don't have to tell Me when to answer it. Just know that I will and trust in Me because I hear your prayers. I just want to hear more of them. We need you to pray.