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Climb Out of the Valley - July 15, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My promises are true. They are yea and amen. They are forever. They do not change.

You may be in a valley where you can't see anything. I want you to start climbing a step at a time on my promises, what I have told you in my word, what I have done for you in the past, what I will do for you and what I have promised. And if you will climb on those and begin to move up you will begin to see that my salvation, my healing, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, my keeping power, my counsel is all there. It is strong. It is true. And you can grab onto it. But pull yourself up by the paths that you know I have done for you. Pull up on the promises that I have made and I will be faithful. But I want you to get your hearts in the place where I can fill you and where I can do those things that I have promised.