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Cling to My Peace - November 1, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

Did you not notice that the sun came up this morning? Did you even worry about it last night that it might not come up? See, I'm in control and your little Earth that is shaking right now... but guess what... you're in My hands. I know... I see what's going on. I died for you. I'm certainly not gonna walk away now. And as you shake and as things seem in such turmoil just hang on to Me and draw closer and hang on tight because the shaking doesn't last forever.

But look to Me and you will see great things happen. I have things in control. I am allowing certain things. I have all power and I will not leave My Earth. I will not leave you. I will not ever forsake you. So know that I'm in charge. Trust in Me.

I sent My peace way many years ago and it's still the same so cling to that peace. Let it flood your heart, give you confidence and know that I am the great I AM and I am in control.