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The Cold Winter can be Over - April 30, 2017

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

In case you have forgotten. In case the winter has been so long and your heart has been hurt over things, I want to remind you of what I am for you. I want to remind you who I am - that you can be restored, that you can be built back up, that you can be healed because I am still all of those things for you. I will still heal your relationships. I will still heal your finances. I will still heal your bodies. I will save you. I will fill you with my Holy Spirit. So be refreshed and be renewed. The cold winter can be over in your heart. Let my Spirit warm you. Let my Spirit bless you. I long to love you and help you through the hard times and know that victory is coming because of my power. And trust in that power because that is where you will receive victory. It is coming!