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Dependence on Independence Day - July 4, 2010

Faith Assembly of God, morning service

My children, I want you to realize that I haven't forgotten you. And when you look around you it's very discouraging and there is much despair in the world. But I called you, I called you as my children. I have set up this nation for my purpose. And I don't want you to live in discouragement. I don't want you to live in defeat because I am your mighty God.

I see your lives and if you will stay in that secret place where you can hear My voice, not listening to the things around you but listening to My voice you will be where I want you to be. This nation will be what I have called it to be. This church will be what I have called it to be.

But I need you to stay in the purpose. I need you to stay in the calling that I have put before your feet. Do not turn to the right hand. Do not turn to the left hand. Don't worry about what is going on beside you and around you but look to me because I am your salvation. I am the author of this world. I put everything in my command. I put everything in order. I threw the stars out into the sky. Can I not take care of you?

Watch and see if you will be obedient... if you will unify in My name... if you will seek my face. I want you to see what I want to do. I am waiting to do it. I have the power to do it. And I will do it if you will hear my still small voice in your spirit as you worship me and as you seek my face.

Stay in that secret place. Stay there and you will know what I will have you to do.