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Do What God Tells You To Do - July 15, 2012

Faith Assembly of God - Sunday morning

My children, what I have given you to do is something that you can do. Everyone has a place, everyone has a part. And I do not want you to belittle yourself because you feel that you can do nothing. I have called you. I have called every single person. You have a job that I need for you to do for me and I want you to get to it. I want you to hear my voice. I want you to know what I have called you to do every single day.

Time is short. I am coming back and I want souls to be saved and I will use you to do so. So do not shirk what I have you to do. Listen to my voice. You'll hear what I want you to do and it won't be too hard for you because I will enable you. I will strengthen you. I will stand along side of you. My promises are true and forever.

I will not leave you. I will not forsake you. I will not send you out on a dead end and then leave you there. I will go with you. Just listen to me and see what I have for you to do because it is a mighty work. You may think it is small but it is what I want you to do.