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Do What I Tell You to Do When I Tell You - February 20, 2011

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My children, it's really simple to follow after me. I don't want you to be servants worrying that you're going to be so far away.

If you will hear my voice. If you will listen and just turn everything off around you, you will hear what I have you to do and I will give you the power. You sang about the power (There's Power in the Blood editor's note). It's in my blood. One drop-- just one drop of my blood is enough to cover every need-- it is enough to cover every duty that I will ask you to do.

Lean upon it and just rejoice in my blood and trust in me and watch and see what I will do. Be obedient to what you hear. When you hear that word - Go. Don't question! Just follow and see what I have for you and trust in my power.

It's not in your power but it's in my power and I will give it so generously. If you will make room I will give you everything. I will equip you with everything that you need to follow after me. I want to rapture you. I want to bring you to myself. I don't want you to fail.

I have given you what you need but you must accept it. Open your hearts and see what I have for you. It's bountiful. It's rich. It's more than enough. You will be rich people in this world because of what I give you in your spirits. You will be the choice of character within the world. That's what I need you to do. You will have everything. You will have everything that you need.

Jas. 5:7-12