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Do Your Part in Great Commission - November 8, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I challenge each of you to fill your shoes in the great commission. For what I've called to you to do... everyone is a little different, but you all have a place to work for Me. I want you to be reminded that it's not going to take place by governments... it's not going to be taking place by committees, by historians, by anyone else. It's going to take place because you hear My voice and you do what I've called you to do.

This is not reward day. This is harvest time. Reward day is coming and I want you to be encouraged that even a drink of water that you give to someone in My name will be rewarded. And someday you will see the souls of people that you never met here on earth but you will see those souls that you have helped bring into the kingdom and we will have a mighty, mighty meeting in heaven because of the souls that have been saved. So be encouraged and step into that place as I have asked you to do.