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Don't Dance with the Enemy - March 21, 2002

Restoration Church - City wide Concert of Prayer

This is not a time to be passive or to sit back and waste time, for to do so will have definite consequences.

The armies of darkness have assembled in vast numbers against what is pure and holy. They will expect their old time-tested ways to still be effective against my kingdom, and will therefore be vulnerable to new strategy. A key weapon against them in the coming days will be holiness. This will not be the holiness of the past, where men tried to be holy to be acceptable in my sight, but will be true holiness that only comes through my Holy Spirit and not through accomplishment or good deeds. This true holiness will be based on purity that comes from self-denial and putting to death the ways of the flesh (that which seems good to the natural man). That purity will only come through my refining fire, not through man's methods. That refining fire will surface hidden evil in my people where the enemy has placed areas that can be hooked on to by the armies of darkness. Jesus had no such places for the enemy to get a foothold or hook into him, and so was fully triumphant against evil schemes. My people will need to be like my Son who was purified through trial and who did not resist my refining fire. For the Holy fire that brings purity is not something to be feared or resisted, but is vital to producing purity. I must have a pure bride for my glory to be upon her. That glory is what the enemy will not expect, for he has not yet seen it fully upon my church. My spotless bride shall blind the enemy, and he will see only my glory as he searches for places of evil infiltration in my people. My glory will not cohabitate with compromise toward evil.

Tell my people to welcome my refinement and not run from it toward self-indulgence. A strong sword is not made without the tempering fire, and my people will not be able to stand against the enemy in the coming days unless they have been also tempered by the fire of my Holy Spirit. This is not a day in which to embrace the beckoning of the flesh, to indulge in evil compromise, for the enemy will continue to look for those areas of infiltration in order to hook or snare my people. Even as animals are snared by using their own appetites to entice them into the trap, so has been the time-tested way of the evil one to trap the sons and daughters of God. So it was with the Israelites, compromise with the enemy and allow themselves to be impregnated with evil. Do not secretly dance with the enemy under the cover of darkness, but embrace a strong relationship with me in the light.