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Don't Go To Sleep - August 28, 2011

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My dear precious children, I want to remind you that the enemy of your souls, the enemy of your souls would wear you down. The enemy wants you to be put to sleep. The enemy wants you to give up. And I am here to tell you today and to encourage you. I am still your Savior. I am still the God who created you and I have a plan for you. Don't let the enemy wear you down and say "nothing is happening" or put you to sleep because everything is so good.

Whatever isn't in your life, oh be aware and see that I have not changed and be refreshed. Come into my presence and let yourself be refreshed and renewed with a new vision and a new idea of what I have for you to do. I don't want the enemy to put you to sleep. This is his plan. If he can't use something bad, he'll use something good. Do not fall for his devices. But be aware, be quick, be ready to serve me. And be in my presence where you can be refreshed and be renewed and be lifted up so that you can be what I need you to be.

I am coming back soon. Don't be asleep when the trumpet sounds. Don't be asleep when the trumpet sounds. Be awake and be ready to hear what I have for you to hear.