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Don't Lose Focus - September 1, 2013

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

Don’t lose sight of what you have been looking for. Keep it in your mind and in your heart. Have your heart fixed on that which I show you. Keep it in your scope. Look for Me in every place and every situation and in every word you are about to speak. Be diligent and make progress toward the goals I have set before you. Be like a hunter, pursuing with stealth and accuracy, focused, concentrating, not distracted or having your attention diverted.

Focus on Me. Focus on what I will show you. I AM constantly revealing Myself to you. Become aware of Me. Yes, be consciously aware that I AM with you, leading you, holding you up, giving you strength and a vision and a hope. My arms of protection are around you. I AM a loving and forgiving Father. Don’t look at yourself, but look at Me and you will see My reflection of you. Yes, as I AM so are you in this world. Be My light, be My reflection on this earth for a lost generation. Lead My people to Me. Let them see WHO I AM through you. Be My witness. Be My example. Be My representation on this earth. Show My light. Show them the way to Me. I love My people and want them safely with Me. Bring My people home to Me, and let Me set them free. I AM a Loving and Forgiving God. There is none like Me. I AM the I AM!