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Don't Lose Sight of the Coming of the Lord - March 1, 2015

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

Children, I know that you're walking your Christian walk daily. Don't lose sight of the final goal. As you conquer each day - as you go along with your life - remember that I am coming back for you. That is the focal point. That is the hope of your salvation - eternal life.

So be listening for me and know that I am coming back for you. We're coming back to this world and they will see - the whole world is gonna see us. They don't see us now. They see their plans and they see their little powers but they don't know that I am still in charge and I am coming back for you and we will be victorious on this Earth.

Trust in me. Trust everything to me and see the victory because it's coming. Don't lose sight of the coming of the Lord.
1 Pe. 1:3-5

For information about Salvation, see The Gospel's Message. For information about the aftermath of the next coming of the Lord, read the scriptures associated with my Eschatology commentary.